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Raspberry Pi 3 Booting into single rom

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--- Quote from: jamesjones626 on September 12, 2016, 03:27:17 am ---
--- Quote from: Slippyblade on September 09, 2016, 12:52:28 pm ---I'm still at a loss why you'd go through all the extra overhead of RetroPie if it's just running a single ROM.  Oh well, if it works for ya, go with it.

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Sometimes you just care about one game so why go through the trouble of going through the menu.

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I guess the question was -> Why not start directly to the emulator with the one ROM instead of running RetroPie at all.

In my case it was easy to use a pre-built image. I set it up to how I wanted it to work. Floob had an image that already had Attract Mode already setup. I started with his. My outlook is why re-invent the wheel. All I did was setup my controls, deleted the retro-pie splash, added my own startup video and loaded my roms. It was easy.

Then I just made an image of my install. Now if I build another Cab I just clone my image and it just works.

I even went to the extent of putting my pre-built image up for others to try out.

All they need to do is buy the same usb controller off Amazon for $12 and flash my image. It's like Linux Distros... You download it, install it, and see if it works for you. If it does you keep it and use it.

USB Controller  -

Image -


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Image -

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Have you got a working link?

Phil!!!!  Thank you for this!  It works.  I had asked at multiple places about this topic and no one had a clue.  Google doesn't find this thread for some reason.

I updated your instructions a bit to match what I just had to do from Retropie 4.2........

Updated for Retropie 4.2 release from March 2017

Here is another way to boot into a single rom on a pi.

1- Use win32diskimager to install retropie on your sd card.
1a- Setup retropie as per normal configuring controllers and adding roms etc.

2- Start Retropie to load Emulation Station, hit F4 to exit to the retropie command prompt.

3- Type> sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt
3a- Note- When this opens you should see one line of commands, it must stay as one line.
3b- Look for console=tty1 replace it with> console=tty3
3c- Confirm you have this toward the end of the line> quiet loglevel=3
3d- Add to the end of the line> logo.nologo
3e- Hit Control X to bring up the Save command
3f- Hit Y then hit Enter to overwrite the file

4- Type> sudo nano /boot/config.txt
4a- Scroll to bottom of file add the following lines>
4b- Note- this will stop the raspberry temperture icon showing during boot.

5- Enable splashscreens
5a- Note- The Splash Screen Menu can be accessed from the RetroPie Menu in EmulationStation or through the setup script under option 3.
5b- Navigate to Retropie Menu in EmulationStation
5c- Choose Splashscreens
5d- Use WinSCP from your computer to put a .png image of the desired game in the /home/pi/RetroPie/splashscreens
5e- Select Own Splashscreen in the menu
5f- You should then see your custom splashscreen folder, choose the file you added as your splashscreen.
5g- Reboot and hopefully you should see no boot messages

6- Setup Booting into a Single Rom
6a- Optional methods- Login to the Pi using Putty from your computer or F4 from the Retropie menu
6b- Type> sudo nano /opt/retropie/configs/all/
6c- Add as the top line>
       /opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/ 0 _SYS_ mame-mame4all ~/RetroPie/roms/arcade/
6d- Optional- If you want to boot into a game running MAME2016 instead.  Make sure that lr-mame2016 is the only "lr-" version of mame installed on the pi.
Use this as the top line>
/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/ 0 _SYS_ mame-libretro ~/RetroPie/roms/arcade/

Here is a quick vid of it booting up, no boot text, straight into the rom.


--- Quote from: philby95 on September 09, 2016, 05:40:31 pm ---I guess because retropie makes it easy to setup and configure controllers etc.

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I have a question about the

update- figured out a workaround. just make sure mame2016 is the only lr- version of mame on the pi and this line works for booting to a mame2016 emulation of the desired game.

6d- Optional- If you want to boot into a game running MAME2016 instead.  Make sure that lr-mame2016 is the only "lr-" version of mame installed on the pi.
Use this as the top line>
/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/ 0 _SYS_ mame-libretro ~/RetroPie/roms/arcade/


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