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Raspberry Pi RetroPie - Single Mame Rom Boot for Dedicated Vertical Display

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Raspberry Pi RetroPie - Single Mame Rom Boot for Dedicated Vertical Display Cabinets

I am sharing my modified RetroPie Image if anyone wants to test it out. This is a first version of the image I used in my dedicated Galaga Cabinet. This version is pre-built to load Advanced MAME at startup and launch a single MAME rom via Attract Mode. This is a modified version of the RetroPie image released by Floob.

This image does not include any licensed Roms…. (I have included Gridlee for testing purposes)

note: (6 files of 650mbs each need to be downloaded) I had this image on an 8gb SD.


The image does not work how do I fix it? Make sure you have done the following after flashing the rom.

1. On first boot have a usb connected before powering up the pi.
2. If you do not have an imic connected to the pi edit the config.txt.... see known issues....
3. Put your roms on the card before first boot. (be sure you have a compatible rom set)



When you start up a ROM it can be interrupted by pressing the firebutton or a key at startup to select the version of AdvanceMame. This could be the menu is being activated by a stuck key or button when launching the game.

How do I load Roms? Roms files must be placed in the following folder… /retropie/roms/mame-advmame/    --------- Watch this Video  ---------

How do I add a different game video for the “Games Menu”? Video files should be put in the following folder… /retropie/roms/mame-libretro/snap/      (name the video file with the same name as the ROM file)  --------- Watch this Video ---------

How do I change the Game Menu Theme? --------- Watch this Video ---------

How do I add a different AttractMode startup video?  Replace the following Video file in this folder… /home/pi/.attract/intro.mp4

What is the “pi” user password? raspberry

Keyboard Shortcuts


tab – maps buttons
Player 1 and Player 2 (together) – exit to Attract “Game Select Menu”


f – change from “Favorites Roms List” to “All Roms”
a – add or remove Roms from favorites list
Joy-Up or Joy-Down – select a different game in list
tab – AttractMode Setup Menu
q – Exit to Raspbery-Pi Cli

Known Issues:

(Updated fix 3/10/20) System boots and plays intro video then freezes -

1. You need to setup the audio correctly in the "config.txt" set this parameter to on....


2. Edit /etc/asound.conf (change the "card 1" to "card 0")


pcm.!default {
 type hw
 card 1

ctl.!default {
 type hw
 card 1


No Sound or low volume from Pi built in audio – Solution is to try selecting hdmi audio or use a usb sound card or Griffin iMic note: Default sound is set to Griffin iMic you must modify the config.txt file.

Display has vertical display orientation – Solution change the display orientation. The screen rotation is set in the config.txt on the boot partition. Edit this file by inserting and mounting the microsd card on a Linux PC.  ***Change the line "display_rotate=1" to "display_rotate=0"***

The joystick does not work – Solution is to hook up a keyboard to the Raspberry Pi before powering up your Pi. When the Mame Rom is loaded hit tab key and remap your joystick buttons. (Preconfigured to work with Reyann Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder Pc to Joystick)

When changing load last played Rom in setting does not load the last game – Solution launch game from menu. Then exit the game. Exit Attract mode by selecting quit. Power of the Pi back on.

Will this work on my PiZero with KADE?

The image is a Raspberry Pi 2 and 3b+ Image. It has been tested on both.

mike boss:
Perhaps a stupid question, but none the less I'll ask.

Theoretically I could add the 60 ROM files found on a 60 in 1 board and use it with this image ?

My buddy is looking for something to use on a vertical cab.....I've "kinda" sold him on going with a Pi.
I know he would want more than 1 game, he was prior leaning towards a 60-in-1 board.

I would assume this build of Retro Pi would support multiple ROMS as long as you put the required files in the correct folder.
IE - if he wanted 100 games he could do so with this build ?

Well, a 60-1 is plug and play. You sold him on the Pi and you're not sure how it works? What are you going to use to interface with the Pi?


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