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Holy cow! Are we up? We look up! Are we really up?

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I *think* we're up! I'm going to leave the server in maintenance mode for a while, possibly all day, while I make sure we're reliably up and stable and that everything's working. I'm positive there are things that aren't working yet, for instance the wiki. However, the main site and forum appear to be online. Thanks for bearing with me folks while we worked through our outage.

What happened?

The hard drives in the RAID configuration on the old server died, one at a time. We replaced them, but somewhere in the replacing we lost the boot partition, and despite the fact that it should be relatively easy to restore, we could-not-get-it-to-boot again.

Since the server was 4 years old at least, we had already been contemplating upgrading to a new box, so took the time to do so. We still had access to the old server's drives via a rescue boot environment, so migrating was doable.

It took a bit to get the new server online and configured, primarily because I used the transition as an exercise to improve my server administration skills with Linux. 

The final snag was the version of the Ubuntu we're running on the new box doesn't support the version of php SMF requires, and SMF isn't upgraded for the new version of PHP yet.

Got that resolved this morning, and now it's hopefully just a matter of troubleshooting various quirks and settings until we get everything resolved.

BIG THANKS to sirwoogie for holding my hand through this process and helping teach me to fish! :)

Several of you have offered your time or financial donations to help. Thank you, thank you, I very much appreciate it. In the future I won't be shy about accepting offers of expertise.

As for financial donations, thank you for the offers, but please consider donating to charitable organizations or those in need such as relief for the Louisiana flooding victims.

BYOAC/ is my way of giving something back to the community. There's such a wealth of knowledge and resources out on the Internet, and BYOAC is my way of being a small part of that. Maintaining the server is within my means, and as long as there's any interest in what BYOAC hosts, I'll continue to keep the server online.

Thank you for your support!

--- saint

OK, things seem to be relatively stable?  I'm turning off maintenance mode.

CAUTION: Though I don't think it's likely, we may have to restore from backup if everything goes kaput. If you post anything critically important and un-recreatable in the new few days, please make sure you have a copy stored until we know we're stable.

Tapatalk users - please test and let me know if it works?

Way to go saint!   Glad you're back up.


**phew** glad to see it came back!  Congrats on the migration--it was like walking to the library of alexandria only to find it burned down when you got there! (ok maybe not that dramatic--but you get the idea..)

Ginsu Victim:
Glad to see the site back up. :)


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