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--- Quote from: haynor666 on August 06, 2016, 02:34:46 pm ---Problem is I cannot get constant speed. Mame speed meter now show for example with game Argus either 98 % or 104 %. Sound also changes pitch all the time. Not compatible with XP anymore ? :/

--- End quote ---

Please download the binary again. I've seen the same issue here. I've sort of fixed it. It's due to a change in baseline, timing is now based on the std::chrono library (C++ 11) which doesn't seem to work properly on XP. I've reverted that change on the new builds and it seems to work fine now.

After short tests - constant speed and stable sound again, thanks :)

Another problem under windows XP - games that uses resolution autoswitching crash - I get error in Direct3D. I'm pretty sure I've seen some posts about this previously but I cannot find those right now.

I upgraded from GM 0.171 and I noticed that at least 496i games now don't fill the whole screen:

GM 0.171 :

GM 0.176 :

I have no idea how to fix that, maybe it's related to the new mame BGFX renfering (forcing d3d does not help) or maybe there is a new option I don't know or it's because GM 0.176 is in alpha stage?   :)
These are obviously vertical games running in interlaced mode in a horizontal monitor, so hopefully it's just a bug.

I also noticed that F10 (speed throttle) does nothing for my setup (typical G3258 with ati6450) and that the Gauntlet Dark Legacy and Legends games behave at full speed - like F10 is pressed.
Anyone noticed these things as well?

Probably due unevenstretch set to 0 and new options integer stretch. Set unevenstretch to 1.


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