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--- Quote from: 05SRT4 on July 17, 2016, 01:53:19 am ---Ive had a tank stick for about 3 years. I haven't had any issues with the board, but I didn't like the button colors so I changed those out and I also changed out the joysticks.

If you dont know or dont care to learn building a control panel then I would recommend one.

Are you planning on putting it in the Cab you posted earlier?

--- End quote ---
Yes i am putting them in my cab. I bought the 2 joystick and 20 buttons with 20 microswitch package. They just arrived but they seem very nice. Just need to drill the holes for the panel and place them in!

The one thing that I don't think people give them enough credit for is that something like the Tank Stick or the Dual gives you something to actually PLAY while you're dinking around building your cab and perfect CP.  That was definitely worth the price for me - especially since my project has moved at a snails pace.  At least it was always there to fire up a game of Ms. Pacman or Galage...

I've got a Dual Stick.  It works with anything.  Paid $40 for it off Craig's List.  It's great.

I bought a 27 inch wells Gardner monitor.
The bezel was a POS bent piece of cardboard they charged me 45 bucks for
Complete rip.

I went with a Tankstick for my first build. I will say that the product is great, but their customer service is dreadful. Don't buy anything you may return. I returned another one of their products & after 3 months I still didn't have a refund. As soon as I disputed it with my CC company, they finally issued my refund.


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