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Has anyone bought any products from X-Arcade? If so, how were the products?

Ive had a tank stick for about 3 years. I haven't had any issues with the board, but I didn't like the button colors so I changed those out and I also changed out the joysticks.

If you dont know or dont care to learn building a control panel then I would recommend one.

Are you planning on putting it in the Cab you posted earlier?

IF your trying to be cheap they have great buttons and sticks. IF you want to be upping your fighting game with an arcade stick they are the bottom of the barrel. I went the cheap route got the two players button and stick set and then got a cheap encoder from else where

I started with the X-arcade 2 Joysticks and button packs for a control panel.
Almost immediately I replaced the Joysticks with Happ Competitions. 8 way operation is iffy at best with the XArcades. Added 2 Happ buttons for side buttons.
Earlier this year I built a bartop. Joysticks moved over fine.
Xarcade buttons are not deep enough for 3/4" MDF + 1/8" acrylic. They are shorter than standard Arcade buttons.
Replaced all the buttons except sidebuttons with GroovyGameGears's Prime buttons. No issues. Low priced as well!

Preference of microswitches:
XArcade - STIFF buttons, requires lots of force to press. Side scroll shoots made my hand cramp up.
Happ - They wear in nicely. Not too heavy. But you can feel the resistance.
GroovyGameGear SST - Nice light and crisp engagement. HIGHLY recommended.

TL DR: Don't buy XArcade stuff. Not worth it.
In the end 18 buttons and 2 joysticks cost just about the same as the Xarcade crap.

I agree with the general sentiment.  I own a tankstick that I bought on CL for cheap a few years ago.  Its well build and sturdy, but the component quality is mediocre at best.  I would recommend the tankstick for more casual arcade fans who don't want to wire their own CP.  I would not recommend buying joystick or button packs from them - you can get better components for around the same price as others have pointed out. 

So yeah - tankstick is fine for folks who don't have the skill or desire to build their own CP.  For the builders out there, steer clear of xarcade.


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