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I'm a member of a few forums, but this one seems the most appropriate for this particular problem.

First off, I purchased 3 decommissioned Dell towers from my wife work. I'll refer to these as towers A, B, & C.

All 3 are Intel Core2 Duo's w/ 4GB ram. I provided my own HDD's.

Tower A: Optiplex 780 w/ Win7 Pro COA key.
Tower B: Optiplex 780 w/ Win7 Pro COA Key.
Tower C: Optiplex 360 w/ WinVista Prem COA key.

Tower A: I installed Win7 using a factory OEM Win7 install disk. No problems and working great.

Tower B: I've tried 3 different Win7 install disks, including the same one used on Tower A: Every time it loads the setup files, and starts the install process. Every time, after it's first cycled reboot during install, it goes to the Win7 splash screen, then the screen goes blank afterward. I swapped the HDD from Tower A: over to Tower B: and it loads fine. So, I tried installing the OS for Tower B: using Tower A: and I get the same blank screen issue as if I were installing in on Tower B:. That led me to believe it was possibly the HDD. However, it will take a Win10 install no problem.

Tower C: Haven't touched this one yet. Waiting on a Win7 key to upgrade it because Vista has such a negative stigma. 

Any geniuses out there with a viable solution to this problem? My OCD is causing me great stress with this one.

Could try cloning/ghosting Tower A's HDD to tower B's HDD - ie. install both HDD's onto tower A and clone the working HDD (since you say it boots fine if you swap the HDDs  from A to B) Then if needed once you have it installed and working just go in and change the Key on one of the 2.

1) Update the bios.
2) Do a memory test. You would be surprised how often these older machine have bad memory.
3) Check the power supplies, they may not give enough power...
4) Using a branded keyboard, like a HP? This could cause a problem with Dell machines (I have seen this)
5) Make sure you disable anything unnecessary in the Bios: SD cards ports, parallel and serial ports, etc. 
6) Make sure the Hdd mode is AHCI.
7) Disable for now any unnecessary power feature too.
8) Try a new DVD-Drive, they also get faulty pretty fast in those machine.

Source: I work in IT and  am supporting a park of around 1200 machines, most of them HP's and Dell's.

take a real close look at your tower b mobo compared to your tower A.

Dell has a habit of recycling their ____plex ### line and having totally different hardware.

IE an optiplex 750 is not necessarily the same as an optiplex 750

it should have a service number on the chassis you can enter in at Dell and it list off the hardware at time of manufacture. it's just a black and white label with a 7 digit number and barcode on it. (for example i have "52WMSF1" here under my desk.

try doing a BIOS reset on it. maybe an option is enables in the BIOS causing the issue.

for S&G, try installing windows 7 on tower A using the COA key from tower B.

just 2 cents worth
I went through the exact same problem over the weekend
7 would load system would reboot
then once it was to start , notta
so what I did after swaping drives yada yada
was simple I took out the cmos batt
and let it drain the cmos
replaced batt after about 15 mins and away it went 7 perfect
just 2 cents worth



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