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I have decided to open up a project I have been working on for many years... it's abut 80% complete but functional.   Basically,  in about 2013 I began developing an arcade game rating and review website...

I have put many many (did I mention many) hours in to this project... as well as more than a couple hundred bucks... and it was looking like it would never see the light of day.   Basically ... I burned out.  For the last year it sat.  This year,   when the domain name came up for renewal... I decided I was going to put the damn thing online and see where it goes.  If it sees moderate success,  I will buckle down and complete it.

Essentially all letters have been populated minus the letters S and T.  Unfortunately... there are "A LOT" of S and T games.  That said,  the names are there,  just the data within each record hasn't been added.  It's a long tedious job... but one I am willing to do if the site is used.

I really think that it could become a useful tool for collectors if we get enough participation from the community.   Basically,  it will become what the community makes of it.

I am still working on a bug or two that cropped up when multiple people started reviewing,  but they'll get handled.  I am also open to suggestions, etc.   

Feel free to take a look and if you'd like to help the site reach it's potential,  sign up and review a few games!


Wow...thanks!  I just happened across this.

Well that's pretty darned cool! I didn't see any reviews but saw the note - I assume those are coming back, or did I just miss them?

Thx for your work FrizzledFried, I like it! In 10 years I will proud to say that I'm one of the first registered member;)


--- Quote from: fablog on July 07, 2016, 12:49:34 am ---Thx for your work FrizzledFried, I like it! In 10 years I will proud to say that I'm one of the first registered member;)

--- End quote ---

The reviews are all there... (you can click TOP 20 RATINGS or TOP 20 REVIEWS to find a few easily).... but I am still trying to work out a bug that makes the ratings stars disappear when I run the maintenance script.  I am also trying to work a "Last 20 reviews" type of screen but it's proving to be very difficult.   Most of the ratings are back now... but I am still working on the maintenance script and using a few accounts for testing purposes.

I've updated the "REVIEWER" membergroup to allow people to add games that may be missing... and of course if anyone wants to help out populating the S and T letters,  please let me know... there are A LOT of them.

Slowly but surely...

The site will only become what the users make it though.  This kind of site will only be successful with participation from the community.  I could go through and rate every darned game,  but that's just one mans opinion.  It takes MULTIPLE opinions for the site become of value to others.

I am certainly open to opinions/ideas/criticism as well.   


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