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Server status - what's been happening, what's happening next?

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The short version: We had a drive failure causing massive CPU utilization, bogging the system down but appearing at first glance to be possibly a SQL problem. The bad drive has been replaced and we are, for now, back in business.

We still need to do some miscellaneous cleanup/updates, and the *other* drive is showing signs of failure so we are going to have to replace it as well in the near future, but down time should be controlled and minimal.

More details:,150884.msg1576471.html

It was so slow I stopped visiting :(

Yeah, sorry about that and how long it took to tackle the problem. Hopefully that's resolved now.

Working well for me so far.  Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Much better, but during the issues the "new" button was unreliable, and now it is just no longer there, even on threads I visit and/or comment in and then come back to later.. Is this turned off or just glitchy?


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