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Wow, this is exciting!

I'm definitely going to have to check this out when I change to windows 7...for what it's worth I'm using demul 0.56 on windows xp though I think I could investigate 0.57 again, I was just having some performance issues with it. I'm pretty sure that after that they moved past directx9 video plugins (thus windows xp wouldn't work) though I could be wrong.

This is particularly exciting as I'm close to finalizing my circuit to improve pc functionality for the ps2 guncon2's, to produce two different button clicks off of a trigger - one instantaneous to start a software 'flash', another that is delayed a few ms to hopefully do a raw mouseclick while the flash occurs. This would allow cheap guncon2's to be used in a raw input mode with most lightgun situations under Windows 7 (including troubleshooter2 and hopefully, demulshooter!) using the topgun driver. I prototyped the idea purely through generating software/directinput clicks but that alternate method would not really work for software that needs rawinput for two players such as this. I'll put your software on the list of tests to run with my new circuit!

Here's a fun one you should try with lightguns - quake 2 gunfrenzy, also known as q2gunfrenzy. It's an arcade lightgun mod for quake 2 and it's very fun for quake fans. It basically turns some levels into an on-rails experience, panning the view to point you towards nearby enemies.

I couldn't get 2 players working with 2 usb seems it was made specifically for actlab guns and if it doesn't detect two of them somehow, it locks it to 1 usb gun mode. Still cool!

Hotd3 without a crosshair is pretty intriguing too...seriously stuff like this makes me want to work harder on my ideas to share :applaud:


--- Quote from: argonlefou on February 25, 2016, 05:08:38 am ---If someone is interrested I found how to hack HoD3 to totally remove ingame crosshair ! ;D

--- End quote ---

I haven't tried Hotd3 yet, but I think I'd like to. The original trilogy, all in one machine. So this hack sounds like something I'd be interested in.

@burn_654 : indeed exciting project you have here !
And thanks for the quake mod, I didn't know about it !I'll test it on next week

As for HotD3, here's the modified file (if someone knows a better file hosting site...): Link at bottom of 1st Message of the thread
Just overwrite the SPR.AFS original file which is located on the "fs" folder inside game install folder (for me it's C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD3_EU\fs\SPR.AFS)

Same thing for Blue Estate :  Link at bottom of 1st Message of the thread
Overwrite the file in COOKEDPCCONSOLE subfolder of game install dir

Never heard of Blue Estate, but it's only $12.99 on Steam. I might check it out.

Small update : DemulShooter now supports Demul 0.57 & Demul 0.58 (0.581, 0.582 too).
That way, winXp users can use it too (as Demul 0.57 is based on directX 10)
I'm sorry about Demul 0.56 (DirectX 9.0), but this very old version needs a whole new system to hack I'm not going too add it for now

Upack and overwrite previous files
Usage is slighlty modified, so :
DemulShooter.exe -demul=[version] -system=[system]

Supported [version] :
057    :    Demul 0.57
058    :    Demul 0.58, 0.581, 0.582
07a    :    Demul 0.7a 181215, 201215, 221215

Supported System :
naomi     : naomi & naomi GD roms

Example :
DemulShooter.exe -demul=07a -system=naomi


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