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DemulShooter (Dual light gun on DEMUL, Model2, Dolphin, Silent Hill, etc...)

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--- Quote from: argonlefou on March 04, 2016, 08:12:44 pm ---Done ! Updated links at the bottom of 1st message of the thread...Sorry for the inconvenience :(
I'm using another hosting service for now, this one should stay at least 30 days. Until I find something better to share these

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Thank you! Great work on all this.

Thanks for this software, I cant wait to try it out!
Question though, by chance does your DemulShooter fix the old bug of the lightgun minimizing the window when shot in the upper left corner?

I didn't even know about this issue for Demul, I knew for Model2Emulator but not for this one !

My program is minimalist and just hack into PadDemul.dll memory for P1 & P2 axis and buttons, so it does not correct this issue unfortunately :(
I indeed tested with DemulShooter and my Aimtraks and this is still happenning. I never ran into this bug until today, as I'm currently playing on a 16/9 display (with black borders on left and righ) so I never had to shoot precisely on that small upper left area :(

I've had it happen playing Confidential Mission since sometimes the enemies show up in the top left corner. Or if someone gets trigger happy in HOTD it can happen. As far as I know it's been going on since Demul 56

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Hmm...maybe there's a way we could use a 'windowed' fullscreen hack? Does this still occur in windowed mode?

Otherwise...maybe just have a looping check for what equates to 0,0 in the mouse coords and either ignore or add +1 pixel before sending that to the input dll? :dunno How big of an area causes it to minimize? Not at a computer to try.


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