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Awesome! I'll give it a try with some guncons later today. Though I'll have to test it without proper screenflash - but I can just boost the gamma way up to prove the concept and check that they're talking. My own test/circuit for the guncons has hit a bit of a snag - basically waiting on another cheap set of guns to hack up.

I can report that it picks up and *tracks* the guncons fine using the topgun driver! Again the full useful solution for those guns is a bit more tricky yet (and a separate issue as I've mentioned) but for now shooting at bright spots works, 2 separate guns works...awesome! This means it should work just fine for Topgun users as well as aimtrak.

FWIW I was testing with demul 0.57 on Windows XP. Unfortunately House of the Dead 2 is pretty messed-up looking there but them's the breaks for using an old version, I'm working on an eventual os-upgrade for my system anyway once I can get my guns fully working.

Great work! :applaud:

That's great news :-)  I had no Xp computer to test so I'm glad it works fine !

Next thing I'll look into when I have time is support for atomiswave roms. This will add 3 railshooting gun to the list

Could you upload the Blue Estate no crosshair patch again? The link seems to have gone down.

Done ! Updated links at the bottom of 1st message of the thread...Sorry for the inconvenience :(
I'm using another hosting service for now, this one should stay at least 30 days. Until I find something better to share these


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