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--- Quote from: bjhille on September 14, 2021, 06:24:29 pm ---
Also, how do I found out what the different versions are for vendetta2 (,,,,, and

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You can see the different versions here:


--- Quote from: huffyX0 on June 25, 2022, 05:57:31 pm ---
--- Quote from: Banane on June 08, 2022, 08:35:51 am ---I know, there are other solutions around, but to keep it really simple I just updated the original batch file from 2016.

It now works with a 0.244 romset as well.

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I'm very noob to .bat files, how do i get this to work with my .244 merged set?

I placed this in my mame 0.244 merged set and renamed the .txt to .bat and double clicked, but nothing happed but made empty folders. with the original file that is what i did and it worked.

any help is much appreciated. thank you

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I don't use these lists, but I tested the bat file and it seemed to work for me - it created one folder two levels up, with a name similar to the parent folder, except with _NoFiller appended to the name. In this folder, it placed copies of the few test files I had in my test roms folder. This is a very basic question, but do your roms maybe have a 7z extension instead of a zip extension? If so, replace all .zip with .7z in the batch file. Also, the batch file did not work when I tested it with a space in the name of my folders.  In this case, the folder with _NoFiller appended to the name was created in the same directory where the roms are, and was empty. If you have a space in your folder names, remove it for the batch file to work.

If neither of those ideas help, run the batch file from the command line instead of double-clicking (so the output doesn't disappear when the it finishes executing) and let us know some sample error messages.

This may help show how to create a custom "best game" list using your own criteria:

Hi! I've added the lists to a new wizard in my rom management tool:
I have of course included a link to this forum.

Thanks for all your work :)

I updated the AllKiller.ini here,149708.msg1597282.html#msg1597282 with the changes here,149708.msg1755952.html#msg1755952 and also added an "All" group to it.

Seems the best way to use it is to set up a Custom Filter with Available, Not BIOS (since the ini includes BIOS files), and the AllKiller.ini group of your choice.


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