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Orion R10CPDB-DH Mono Chrome 10" CRT...please help.

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I am a novice and am looking for help in fixing my Arachnid Super 6 dart game. I have replaced the main board and fixed several other issues, and am lastly down to the monitor.

It USED to come on for a few seconds, and then quickly fade to black.
Now, I get nothing.

I AM able to send the video signal to an external monitor via the composite out on the main board, but am hoping to fix the monitor too.

Does anyone have an idea of how/where to start. Do I need a new monitor? Re-cap? Power supply? Should I not waste my time and simply find a way to put an LCD monitor in its place?

Thanks for taking the time to help a newby....I'll even pay for assistance if it helps.
-Scott in Michigan

first rule of diagnosing issues...

thou shalt check voltages.

make sure you have 110 volts going in (or whatever is appropriate for your country)
check your B+ voltage and make sure it's where it should be.

you are going to have to find a schematic or something for your monitor chassis to go much further.

ok that is not an orion chassic
that is a orion picture tube #
look close on the chassic and find the #'s listed on it please


There are absolutely no markings on the chassis (I assume you mean the metal frame holding the board and tube)

with this in hand
remove the chassic and take a picture of it from the top
what we need to do is indentify the chassic
what u posted before dose not show a clear enough or good enough picture of it.
if u are comfortable with removing it? do so,then up-load a picture



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