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Spica Adventure always picks up 640x480@60 no matter is it 60i or 60p. Since in Windows XP there was 640x480@60i game works. On Windows 7 x64 with HD4350 there is 640x480@60p and 640x480@30i so game picks 60p but with HD5450 there are two interlaced modes in system 640x480@60i and 640x480@30i (from what I can see from list of all modes) and this time game picks 640x480@60i :) Looks like game always looking for 640x480@60 no matter is interlaced or not. This is of course my theory but game works.

just to clarify, "ATI legacy" are cards up to and including HD4000 series?


Magic Engine 1.1.3, ZSNESw 1.51, Kega Fusion 3.64, Nestopia 1.47 are working fine here (4890 and 7870XT).
I just need to switch to the desired resolution because of direct draw bug.

OoTake 2.76 (Windows 7 x64 HD5450) works but does not auto switch resolutions even in D3D mode.


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