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if there is a size limit like what you are talking about, where it needs to be the same size. you might be able to pull this off with dummy files. I mean that's what they do with some of the console iso when they have to be the full dvd size.

It shouldn't be an issue.  In general at least all nes games were the same size, until a better chip came out and then the max size was upped ect.....  The game logic doesn't care if extra bits contain garbage, or anything really. 

Just an update/clarification.  Even though there are pics of these with a pin adaptor in place, apparently that was older versions of the multicarts with crappier gamelists.  The newest version with the rock mans most likely doesn't come with an adaptor. 

Bust out the credit card, Howard.

I had to get some stuff squared away first, but I ordered one just a few min ago.  I've noticed a few of the carts have a note in their description where they will fill custom orders with custom gamelists for bulk orders.  If hacking doesn't pan out, perhaps we could get them to make a blank cart with means for us to burn our own roms?

Btw off topic, but in regards to that other stuff I had to get squared away..... if you have an amazon store card (not a visa, the store card) I suggest you cancel that pos right now. 

I signed up for it a year ago just to get a gift card and I finally decided to use it to separate some gifts for xmas (I'm the computer guy in the family so apparently I have to order everyone elses' stuff).  I went to check the card and it wouldn't let me log in.  Well it turns out the card wasn't activated... and yet it allowed me to charge around 200 bucks on it.  So I activated it, signed in and there wasn't a way to set a payment date...... Turns out you have to link with a bank account to pay it manually and if you want to send in a check, you have to write the company by hand and send in a check.  I finally found an option to send me a statement.... it never came....They send me an email today saying that they can't send me a statement because there isn't a balance.  Not true.... if I sign in I can clearly see the balance yet for due date and amount due it says "none n/a".  There's no way to contact them either other than writing a 2016.  Turns out they are trying to get me to NOT pay the balance because it's one of those deals where it's no interest for 12 months but if you don't pay the balance in full within that 12 months you have to pay a years worth of interest at a rate of 26 percent.  So I gave up and paid the balance via a check routing number.  I'm going to cancel the card next month.  I mean maybe I'm just too dumb to understand but it seemed extremely shadie compared to my chase amazon card which I can't say enough good things about.  [/rant]


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