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And one more ďIíll never buy an eprom programmerĒ purchase from a few weeks ago showed up today.  Got this for $6.50 off EBay.

The 196 in 1.  The game list is definitive and supports saving.

Unfortunately, my Mini Gen HD doesnít like it.  Alien Soldier crashes within 30 seconds.  Road Rash 2 made it a few races.  Iíll try it on original hardware but Iíve been kind of bummed about this.  Must have a weird memory mapper because there are huge games on this cartridge.


--- Quote from: pbj on April 05, 2022, 11:06:59 pm ---The 196 in 1.  The game list is definitive and supports saving.

--- End quote ---
Only if Skitchin` is on there :p

Works fine on original hardware.  Kind of bummed because I had a specific clone console lined up for this cart but that's how it goes.


Well, between the Zoom class action settlement, various Amazon gift cards, and such, I bit the bullet on an SD2SNES.

This thing is so far superior to the stock experience on an SNES that there's no point in making reproduction cartridges.  It can emulate Super Gameboy 2, you can overclock the Super FX emulation, and it runs all the MSU-1 enhanced games.



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