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Gun talk - Sega Type-II IR Gun setup

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So it seems like it wouldn't be totally impossible to recreate some of the led boards diy, the issue seems to be the expensive driver board and gun 'camera'.

I wonder if any companies bootlegged stuff like this? I mean we've seen off-brand namco guns in the 'named' variety that seem to be fairly spot on copies. I just wonder if anyone tried to duplicate the driver board too, short of gutting a cab.


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I have Lethal Enforcers 3 with mirrored CRTs and this gun technology, but was missing the optics board for P2 and found all replacement parts to be ridiculously expensive.  Had planned to pull P1 and put into a smaller cabinet, but will need some of this information for the conversion.

I have the OMZ-2D LED from the previous post in mine.

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Thank for confirming, I had heard that LE3 used this tech but couldn't find any concrete info.

From the pics I've seen of LE3 it looks as though there is a separate monitor for each player. is this the case or is it split screen on a  wide-screen monitor? I was curious of how the sensors may have been arranged with two separate monitors.

Happ wants $500 for the OMZ version of the sensor module, which makes the $200 Sega version look cheap. I'd just keep an eye out on eBay, you never know a reasonably priced one might pop up.... or you could figure out how to hook up the sega one in the LE3 guns, the used ones on eBay are going as low as $75

Yes, separate monitor for each player.  It's a double wide and the sensors (transmitters?) are maybe every 12 inches across the full width of the unit.  I think I have a couple of weak transmitters, so I was going to pool my good ones and make a solid 1 player game.  I didn't take into consideration the reflection from the mirror and possible inversion if I were to use a standard monitor config, but that would make sense I'll have to adjust for it.

Actually, you can see the 10 transmitters glowing in the video:

I think I mentioned it earlier but there's a dip switch on the Gun I/O board to turn on and off X-Axis inversion for use in mirror cabs or direct view cabs. Alternatively you can just run them in the opposite direction around the screen  ;D

I found that the inversion makes no difference as the game tends to sort it self out in calibration regardless (at least on NAOMI).

This might be of interest to some people:

this guy adapted the Gun board for Model 2 games to work on Model 3... the important thing to note here is that Model 2 games use the standard "Happ" style Light Gun. Also, it communicates with the game board Via an RS-422 serial port.

I'm thinking if someone wanted legit Happ Light guns on a PC you could use this board and decode the RS-422 info to get the gun position.

the "Mega JAMMA" board used by Police Trainer 2, Star Trek Voyager, and Crossfire Maximum Paintball works similarly, it provides a JAMMA edge connector, works with Happ guns and outputs gun position (and other inputs) to a Parallel Port connector.

I'm not too interested in persuing this myself but for anyone looking for an arcade perfect CRT gun solution... these are two solid and reasonably priced options.


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