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RIP - The Dead Celebrity Thread

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"If you could read my mind"

 Gordon Lightfoot @84

Ropi Jo:
Tina Turner.

Simply the Best.

gettin' behind!

Theodore (Ted) Kaczynski  81, Domestic terrorist (Unabomber), apparent suicide. - Died June 10th

Pat Robertson, 93, Tele-scam-gelist (The 700 Club), founder of CBN and Regent University, scammer of elderly people across america. Went to hell June 8th

The Iron Sheik, 81, Iranian-born American Hall of Fame professional wrestler. Died June 7th

One of those people I'm sorry to see go. 


--- Quote from: Howard_Casto on June 15, 2023, 09:01:46 pm ---One of those people I'm sorry to see go.

--- End quote ---

The Iron Sheik was an awesome dude. I remember sitting in my pj's eating cereal watching him and hacksaw jim duggan fight it out in the WWF back in the day. IRL they were actually pretty good friends and used to party together (that was until they got pulled over for being under the influence of drugs on the way to an event, oops!) 


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