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RIP - The Dead Celebrity Thread

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Did you guys see the Intl. space station tribute cover of Space oddity?  Petty cool.

Gonna miss that guy.  Loved it when he used to turn into a golden Eagle at parties.  The guild will never be the same again. 

Seriously though... it really sucks, but then again you forget how old they guys are now.  He was nearly 70!  Bowie was grandpa aged.

We're getting pretty old too now that all our heroes are dying.

Sure, Sure... but I intend to live forever.  I figure if I can hold out for another 30 years or so they can put me in a robot or something. 

I look for George Lucas to die next.  Wes Craven caught me off guard, but it seems like whenever these directors start slowing down and/or give up all their pet projects, they die soon after. 

I never got Bowie.  Seemed cool from a distance, but upon listening to full albums and watching his movie (movies?)... they just don't do anything for me.


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