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Introducing the new news section! New news items can be posted by any logged-in user, and will be available for comment and discussion like any other post, once the initial topic has been approved by a moderator. The reason for requiring moderator approval of the initial topic is that any topic posted (and approved) in the news section will also show up on the front page of the web site. The front page that hasn't been updated in a few years? Its fate is now in the hands of the userbase, like the other active parts of the site. Any wanna-be reporters out there? :) Vendors want to introduce a new product on the front page? New software release? Something happening in the game industry? Feel free to post it here.

If this is successful, great. If not, we'll do something else with the front page. Thanks!

This sounds cool.  Folks, post conventions, auctions, etc.  Would be neat to have a localized spot for info/news.

Can't wait to post ZapCon news!

*NOTICE* - posts in this forum cannot be edited. This is to avoid something on the news page being approved, then later modified. :)

Actually it's live now.


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