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HD15 VGA cable quetsion (control related)


I'm using a monitor extension (HD 15 male to HD15 female) cable for my controls so that in the future I can make it modular.  (cut the cable in half, one cut end connect to hacked usb gamepad, other cut end connect to controls.  Join male and female ends and viola! swap future control panels as needed)

Anyway the question is this.  I cut the cable open expecting 15 coated wires.  What I got were 15 coated wires and one wire that was bare, no plastic coating.  I'm wondering what that wire is.  If I had to guess, I'd say it was a ground wire that is attached to the metal part of the connectors on each end of the cable so that it uses the case as a ground.  Is that what it is?

Magic 8 Ball says, "Yes"

Bob Sanders:
why not use a printer cable conection more wires


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