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Hi all.

Currently i am on a new project "FAMICADE" which is about to finish.

For the cabs frontend i have selected MA again like my first build. The reason i select MA is that its easy to configure , it has nice themes , its stable and i am good when its about customizing a theme.

The new cab i am building it will only have at most 40 to 50 games. 40 of them MAME and 10 pc games.

I was thinking to use with a unique way the emulators. Instead of emulators the games will be catogorized by their genre.

For example ...

I am going to use the ATARI emulator for "mame fighting games" , the SNES emulator for the "mame platform games , the NES emulator for "mame beat em up games" etc.

The user will select the genre of the game he likes to play and he will go to the page selection game which will only have lets say 5-6 games. The games will be presented with the marquee , instruction card , info of the game etc.

The categories will be
1) Fighting
2) Sports
3) PLatform
4) Action
5) Puzzle
6) Beat em up
7) Shoot em up
8) Racing
9) Pc games

What you guys think about this alternative way to use of MA?   

Yes I think this would be a great way to allow people to choose what game they wanted to play. Is it possible to set this up in MA, if so I would try it out mate, sounds like a good idea.  ;D

Sure, i will upload the final result.

I was thinking that the games at the Game select menu sould be displayed not with just a marquee or a snapshot. I think that it would be cool to be displayed with somthnig like a console game box art even if most of them will be mame/arcade games.

For example i have made the above -draft- picture. Every game will have that kind of setup (logo + 4 snapshots + button layout) and i think it would be cool to be a small text about the game for example the plot.

It would be also nice if i follow the NES games black box (back side) setup.


I have added a picture draft for the ddragon artwork.

Any suggestions to make this idea better. For example any other console game box template art i sould follow.


I have also made some icons to use fo the games genre.

Whats your opinion?

DAMN :banghead:

The whole idea is - i think - abandoned.

I thought that MA wouldnt have problem to give -for example - to the Playstation's emulator executable the mame.exe. But it has. MA recognize if the exe you give is proper for the specific emulator. DAMN

Any ideas how i can give the mame.exe to a non-mame system emulator?

EDIT: Maybe i was unlucky with the systems i have choosed to mod. I have tried 3DO and SNK NEO. The 3DO couldnt play the mame.exe and SNK only recognized games NEO GEO.

I tried GENESIS and SEGA 32 and both systems are working fine with the mame.exe

So the idea is not abandoned.   :)


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