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Outrun 2 FXT 2.4 Released!

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Ok guys this is a multi-part thing so I'm uploading packages as I get them ready, so be patient, pardon our dust ect....

Updated 12/24/2016 - Xmas Edition!  More cars, better bonus screens, bug fixes and the experimental Lan Mode.

Updated 10/30/2016 - 2.3 Lots of bug fixes, Bonus Cars and Bonus Songs for Arcade mode.   

Main Executable:

Outrun 2 FXT 2.4

To install simply extract to the Outrun 2006 folder.  To get the radios to look correct, right-click on the two ttf files and select "install".  Other options can be set via the FXTcfg.exe (run this as administrator the first time), including installing the arcade texture packs.  Please note to anyone that has installed some of my alpha texture packs that you will want to restore the textures to default prior to installing.


Packer Tool (for opening archives and editing sprites)

Outrun X 2.2.rar


Attract Mode Videos:

FXT Static Intro @720p WideScreen  - This is what will eventually be the "official" title screen for this mod.  It uses the FXT logo and the Japan Song "Lift you up!"  Right now it doesn't have any gameplay preview, but once I get the wrapper finished I will get back to it. 

More Coming Soon....

Alternate Music Tracks:

Japan Exclusive Bonus Tracks
Rad Racer Original 1987 Tracks

To install simply extract these to the "sound" folder for the game.  Pressing the brake button in-game on a song that does NOT have an alt track (or the random slot in 2sp mode) allows you to switch to the alternate tracks.

Foreign Language Texture Packs:

NOTE:  If you've installed the English packs please UNINSTALL them first!  After that you can extract these rars to your outrun 2006 folder and they will automatically go in the correct place.  Then install texture packs again from fxtcfg. 


EDIT by BadMouth: files via Google Drive: removed until I find time to upload the latest versions


Thanks so much for the hard work you have put into this.

You are a legend

Oups, my cab is not up... No sleep tonight until it works :=)

Thank you again Howard.

Not sure what i am doing wrong but, I cant get the texture pack to install. it just says run time error 76 Path not found. Just installed a fresh copy of OR2k6 with same resoult. When i launch the OR2FXT.exe after checked Arcade mode (2sp only) in the configuration.exe. I just get the same old pc version. Nothing has changed. The troubleshooter 2 is running in the task bar though. What am i doing wrong?

thanks thanks thanks


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