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Paradise Arcade Shop?

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Has anyone ordered from these guys before?  I had a couple questions for them and have sent e-mails and voicemails since Monday but got no response.  I also tried to order a couple buttons from them for testing but after getting to the Payment screen, I get an error that says "No shipping module installed".   I guess they don't want any business  :banghead:

Can anyone recommend an alternative vendor to get RGB lit buttons/joysticks/trackball and a board?  I found Ultimarc but they're closed until 8/17 it looks like.


They're in the process of moving from Hawaii to Minnesota. Last I heard he was still waiting for containers to arrive that has all his stuff / product.

good day.

Groovy Game Gear

Their Electric Ice buttons are nice, and you can get em with leaf switches!

paradise open for business again.


--- Quote from: chopperthedog on August 06, 2015, 07:15:13 pm ---They're in the process of moving from Hawaii to Minnesota.

--- End quote ---

Really? How did I not know this? Hot damn!


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