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This is a new theme i created, inspired by the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis and the good ol' days.

I've made two versions, one with normal cabinet borders and one with a retro style border. Both available in 640x480 & 1042x768 and 1088x612 & 1280x720 resolutions.

It will be easier if I just copy and paste the description from my blog, and post a link to my download page with more info, pics and download links.

Animated Mega Drive/Genesis style logo and box style background
Streets of Rage ll and other SEGA sounds
busy arcade ambience track playing while selecting emulator and games
brand new transparent png marquees, designed by myself using real logos
new shiny black arcade cabinet with red t-molding
matching detailed black cabinet borders or retro border, re-sized and re-placed to fit all your video snaps
new video screens,(when no game image/video available and/or while loading game video), including original "insert disc" screens from 3DO, Mega CD, Saturn & more
some new emulator select images and logos, including Euro consoles
After Burner (revue) font in game selection screens
new short intro video (on splash screen) and new loading screen


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