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MortalKab 4 player DIY slim arcade cabinet/ Finished / Update?

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Growing up in the late 80's / early 90's I spent many days dumping quarters in the local arcades. Now as an adult...Ive always wanted an arcade cab but never tackled the DIY approach and an original cab was too big/heavy so was out of question.

I dont know how many "DIY arcade cab", "How to build an arcade cabinet", "DIY MAME cab" articles I read over the years but never committed.
After reading many helpful builds like ChanceKJ's awesome cab I finally gained the confidence to give it a shot.  :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:
I couldnt of done it without this forum and all the helpful members who helped with my onslaught of questions!

This build process will be a log of my progress and struggles building a 4 player slim DIY arcade cab from scratch from the perspective of your average - everyday DIY-er.
I didn't have access to fancy equipment and because of this had to do alot of out of the box techniques and solutions using your everyday tools most guys have in their garage already. This is not a full blown step by step guide but just a build process with me asking alot of questions to hopefully help your "average joe" in the future to gain a grasp and the confidence to tackle a project like this. It was a long project but very rewarding in the end. This cabinet is not perfect but Im happy with it considering the common tools used in the process.

UPDATE JAN 2021....
ITS BEEN 5 YEARS SINCE THIS BUILD AND I DECIDED TO COMPLETELY OVERHAUL THIS CAB. New lighting, RGB buttons, rebuilding joysticks, complete rewiring...etc....

TO JUMP TO THE 5 YEAR REBUILD CLICK THIS LINK...,146268.msg1730445.html#msg1730445

C'mon man, use a better title for your official build thread.  ;D

With the amount of stress that a CP takes, I'd figure some way of supporting from the underside.  Even if all you did was attach "arms" of 1x4 inside the panels sticking out the front that you could sort of hang the CP on.

Lol..... Probablly will drive you guys nuts with all my I apologize in

Im 35 and wanted to build a mame cab for at least a decade.
I bought a 4 player Vendetta machine about 5 years ago that fully works and was going to run a pc along side the original setup but the ol' lady said "that huge ugly thing is not going in my living room"

Then I seen chances slim cab 4 player- 32" display cabinet and had a change of plans.
Showed my ol lady a picture of his cab and asked if I build one like this can it go in the living room?....she replied "if it looks like that,ya" lol..... Chance set the bar high, ill be happy if it turns out half as good with half the bells and whistles.

Im going to be realistic and set a winterish finish time frame. So Im going to break it down into sections and just focus on each one at a time so im not asking a million questions for steps im nowhere near yet.

My first step is to finalize my side of cab plan and get the sides cut and then get my monitor and set my width and get the back etc cut and the cab assembled.

So I ran to lowes after I left work and I think the 100+ degree heat I was in allday got to me because I ended up buying 3 sheets of
3/4" x 20" x 72" sanded craft pine sheets.
The furniture grade ply 4x8 sheets were $55 and didnt look as straight as the stuff I got and figured solid wood would take the router slotting better than ply.
Also the plans I looked up for a skinny cab showed 20" width which is what these are....
problem is I didnt consider the ledge that sticks out on the front that the CP sits on.
So..... has anyone just attatched there CP straight to the front of the cab without a CP ledge for it to sit on?
(I think i seen a guy use small monitor flushmount brakets to hand a CP but dont know if I like that idea)

Another thing I noticed when I got home is how many nots are in the boards. Alot of puttying :(
Or I guess I could go with a stained woodgrain cab but wanted kitana,mileena,chun-li side art.

Do you guys think this wood will work? What about the CP ledge issue?

Hopefully will get the sides cut tonight or tomorrow.

--- Quote from: yotsuya on July 14, 2015, 05:27:16 pm ---C'mon man, use a better title for your official build thread.  ;D

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you mean you dont shout it out when u get wood? Lol

changed it


--- Quote from: deezdrama on July 14, 2015, 05:33:54 pm ---you mean you dont shout it out when u get wood? Lol

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I do, every time I come home from Home Depot.  I can't resist the urge.  I know it's juvenile and the wife sneers at me every time I do it...  meh.


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