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A 0 games found workaround for MAME v.162 and later with Mala.

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... and the method still works for Mame 0.227.   Someone should write a utility to make the job a little quicker?  ;D

A PowerShell script could do it.

Well i have to thank the person who came up with this strategy it works but not all the way if u let mala pull the xml or even let cmd pull it and then use this strategy it does not change the exe u have to tell mala not to create xml then point mala to changed xml then u only have 3 times to start mala before it recognizes the change and locks then u must start process over agian. so the goal is to find a program that can turn exe scribble to normal xml format notepad++ must have this feature but iam a noob at at of this just like to play old games. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO CHANGE THE EXE PLEASE POST.


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