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"Rotatable" monitors The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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DaOld Man:

--- Quote from: phulshof on June 09, 2015, 09:23:58 am ---I think the monitor feature you're looking for is IPS.

--- End quote ---

Thanks phulshof.
Can you list some models?
The intent of this thread is to give some information to people who may be looking for a monitor. Such as on ebay or craigslist where there may not be a lot of info about the monitor listed.
Sure you can google the model number for specs, but the info returned can be confusing.
It's best, IMHO, that opinions and info come "straight from the Horses mouth". (Now if I only had a pic of Hanna to post.)
Nothing like having the opinion of someone who has used the monitor in vertical mode as opposed to what a seller will say it can do.

Wait, I do have a picture of Hanna and her horse:

I don't use any IPS monitors (yet), but IPS is generally included in the monitor specs. Most hardware stores will even list it as a search selection.

Yes on IPS, absolutely. You will be hard pressed to find a monitor in your local big box store that is acceptable, especially after you've used IPS panels. I can see problems when looking at other monitors even when I'm directly in front of them.

Last time I went to Fry's not a single monitor passed this test. I fiddled with their computer and made all the screens blue in the store so  could look haha.

You probably won't find any IPS monitors at your local store. Maybe though, I don't know the current state of things. I think good Apple screens are IPS, but Apple products are generally way overpriced.

Put a solid blue color on your entire screen, sit right in front of it, and see if the color changes from top to bottom. Almost all twisted pair models suffer from this, as most of them use the same panels, or select among a very few. You don't even need to change your viewing angle most of the time, they suck from all angles!

There is a website that list all the monitors and which panel they use. If you find a model that is not usable, you can look up any other monitors that use that panel and cross them off the list as well. It's all about the panel when it comes to viewing angle, not the brand of monitor.

Having said that, I actually ended up with a 32" TV in my cabinet. I wanted an IPS monitor (and I like the 1200 rather than 1080 vertical option), but I couldn't find anything big and cheap enough. I found a 32" 1080 TV with acceptable viewing angles and good color for $180 out the door. I am not rotating my monitor. A 32" vertical screen would be insane!

As far as more specific monitors go, it may be a shorter list if we concentrate on what's acceptable and ignore what isn't. I think listing the panel used would be helpful too.

I have not found an acceptable monitor yet for my use though (arcade or otherwise). I have 2 HP IPS monitors, slightly different models. One has a reddish tint, the other green. They have been there since day one and I will not buy HP monitors again.

As far as rotating wide screens - has anyone come up with a monitor mount that not only rotates, but can twist the monitor (like around the vertical axis) so that it would be able to rotate in a tight cabinet?

Example - you grab the left side of the monitor and pull it so it rotates as if it were on a stand (like a door maybe). Pull it out maybe 60 degrees. Now the screen is not flat inside the cabinet and can be rotated to vertical, then pushed back straight and into the cabinet. Maybe?

Sounds crazy but that's the only way I could see it working without having an insanely wide cabinet.

OR have 2 monitors and one rises up from the bottom inside the cabinet to cover the other, complete with it's own bezel. LOL. Hmmm......

I went with a bigger screen so I wouldn't need to rotate it. It's actually too tall maybe even in it's horizontal position.

You guys overthink ---steaming pile of meadow muffin---. :cheers:

DaOld Man:

--- Quote from: yotsuya on July 23, 2016, 04:49:37 pm ---You guys overthink ---steaming pile of meadow muffin---. :cheers:

--- End quote ---

I thought overthinking things was a big part of this hobby? LOL


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