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"Rotatable" monitors The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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DaOld Man had a great idea. To list "Rotatable" monitors. Good ones and bad ones to help people out who are starting down this road. It will help with what to pick and not to pick. Main thing is that most LCDs can't be seen from the bottom of the screen. You lose the image. So that is a big thing to watch out for. I have 2 models that I have tested and they do not work. Look at the images below. If you have a screen around the same model numbers that I have posted more likely you will be in the same boat.

DaOld Man:
Thanks Neogojira!
I have had good luck with these two models:
Optiquest Q19WB model # VS11443 (19")
IBM Model 9320-HB1 (Made for Lenovo) 20"
The IBM is on a stand that allows the monitor to rotate by hand. If you have a monitor that is on a stand like this, you can rest assured that it is arcade rotatable.
Also wide screen monitors don't work so good due to the wide size as compared to the height, but it is doable, if it has good viewing angles.

I think the monitor feature you're looking for is IPS.

I did some test on my  Aqua sharp 32 inch LCD TV and it was able to be seen from all sides.
I checked my main monitors on my PC and they did fine as well as the Samsung  plasma . I think all plasmas should work good as well. But my son's  Monitor did not function well it's a trutech
ViewSonic VS11422 good
Dell 2208WFPT good
Samsung PN42A450PID

TruTech LCD ugly. Bad view angles all around

27" Planar PX2710MW
low lag, but viewing angle from bottom sucks. therefore when vertical P2's view is darker than P1's
It's not unplayable, but far from optimum.

EDIT: this thread could get pretty information dense.  Maybe we should color code the monitor models so people don't have to spend their time reading about monitors that don't work.  It would be nice to just skim and look for good models.  I say make them GREEN and make the ones that don't work great RED.
I thought about listing mine as yellow since it's not horrible, but if someone is looking for a monitor with good viewing angles they're not going to want "acceptable, but not great".
They want something that works well.


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