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Some kind of metal case on that?

My first pi build. Build it together with my youngest son. Next pi build on the way building with my oldest son.

Link to thread,163632.0.html

Any special features you particularly like?


--- Quote from: mahuti on October 17, 2020, 03:19:59 pm ---Any special features you particularly like?

--- End quote ---
For my other cabinet i used a pc and hyperspin. Looks great, plays almost all of my games without trouble. But you have to spend hours upon hours to set everything up and looking the way you want.
So to keep cost down i went with the pi. It is pretty easy to setup, but i would say if you want to change stuff, you need to know how linux works. Or look to a gazillion youtube movies to get things the way you want.
The only problem i have is that not every game runs because of the older emulators.

DaOld Man:
Here is a RPi jukebox Im working on. (Both hard and software).
It is currently a work in progress. I will post a pic here when it is finished.
Just thought you guys might be interested in following.
Build thread is posted in Project Announcements.,164712.0.html


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