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--- Quote from: alinke on March 31, 2019, 11:27:11 pm ---It's a vertical RetroPie bartop with the key feature that the LED marquee will change to match the selected game. Also the characters on the sides are laser cut inlays and not stickers.

--- End quote ---

Very nice.  :D

Posting a link to my Pi build here (about 50% done). Quite enjoying it so far and can definitely see me building more in the future. When I can sort out the power problems anyway!  :banghead:,159855.0.html

I don't have it posted on this board but it it is a Seeburg SCH1 Consolette converted with a Raspberry Pi Zero to play MP3's
I can post all of the gory details here if there is interest

Here's mine:,162443.0.html

I recently posted this in projects:

GameBoss Fully Functional Gameboy Costume. This fully functioning wearable GameBoy costume is Pi 3b+ powered with a Picade X Hat to handle the inputs and audio output.,163163.0.html

This is my pi build.  It started out with a full blown PC in it.  It is now running a pi4.  I may go back to a PC though as I am having trouble getting Aimtrak light guns and trackball working.

Clicking the pic will take you to the album that has some pics of the build process in it.


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