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So, You want to build a Classic Nintendo Cab?

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-Greatly built out the "Cabinet Listing" section to include missing games like Sky Skipper, and added a section for similar cabinets that Nintendo produced before and after the "Classic" DK shape.
-Added two options for the paint match for "DKJr/Mario Bros. Orange" (why i didn't have this listed before amazes me!)
-Added links to ThisOldGame's Vinyl wrap colours.
-Added link to the Mikes Arcade Repro Button review/Installation from TCA.

Thanks for upkeeping this Chance!  There's tons of info here!

Added to the Restoration/Construction Links:

Nintendo Joystick Repair & Restoration 101 - *
*Not on the BYOAC

--- Quote from: DeLuSioNal29 on May 31, 2017, 03:34:53 pm ---Thanks for upkeeping this Chance!  There's tons of info here!

--- End quote ---

Hey No worries J! :)


--- Quote ---Original nintendo cabs have a special laminated finish to them and aren't just painted wood.
--- End quote ---

Anyone have anymore information on this?

Also anyone who has made a cabinet from MDF, Particle Board or Plywood; How have you painted yours and what has been best/most accurate result?


Build - Wyo's Mega Man and Duck Tales Builds


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