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So, You want to build a Classic Nintendo Cab?

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oh, I forgot, if anyone has any relevant info or build threads on the topic that they feel are important to add to the OP let me know!

Other build i found :,96299.0.html,137041.0.html

And the last but with no pictures :(
But there is a video :

Thanks!  I've added them to the OP.     :cheers:

I never posted these builds that I finished last summer here before....mostly because I couldnt figure out how to register on this site.  I actually had to google how to answer the security stuff. Haha.

Anyway, heres my Donkey Kong Pauline scratch build and my Fix It Felix scratch build posted over at KLOV.


Wyo, those are, hands down the best repros I've ever seen done! I'll add them to the list!
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