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So, You want to build a Classic Nintendo Cab?

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You have three main options here:
-bdn103's Site:

There are conflicting reports about the accuracy of the Jackobud plans, however they are a quick resource and the older way we used to build these arcades. The newer Gaetan plans were a joint Canadian/French project done by the two of us to produce an accurate set of plans accompanied by images. They include a 1:1 template for the side panels that you can take to your nearest Staples, (or large format printer) and create an accurate cutting template to paste directly onto your wood. The plans were modelled off of my own personal Japanese plywood DK cab.

bdn103's has taken the Gaetan plans and modified them for use on a CnC. This is really cool and will save you a lot of woodworking if you have access to a CnC and can use the vCarve drawing set!

WouicheLorraine's  Nintendo coin door dimension/blueprint

A few key dimensions:
-Marquee Plexi: 568mm Wide x 148.5mm High x 2mm Thick (plus the thickness of the artwork)
-Bezel Plexi: 568mm Wide x 512.5mm High x 4mm Thick (including artwork, it's screen printed on to the plexi)


Gaetan's Site:
a Large database of images and the host site for the Gaetan plans.

My Japanese, plywood, 7-Slot, Blue, DK cab (Converted first to Vs. Unisystem, then by me to DKU)
Pre-mod/Gaetan plans Gallery:
DKU mod Gallery:

My Japanese 5-Slot, plywood, Red Radarscope cab (Converted first to Vs. Unisystem, then by me to DK)
Restoration Gallery:

My American 7-slot, particle board, Blue, Popeye cab. (Converted by the previous owner to Mari Bros.)
Pickup Gallery:
Restoration Gallery:

Possibly one of the best resources for parts is MikesArcade. He has a selection of both reproduction and original OEM parts for the standard nintendo cabinet. There are other vendors like Twisted Quarter, Chomping Quarters, and Great reproduction art can be found at both This Old Game and Game on Graphix. Another couple resources are the Killer List Of Video Games for sale section (KLOV), and eBay (although eBay can be quite pricy). This list is always going to be incomplete, It's best you take your time and really do your homework on what parts you really need and what ones you can get a good deal on from people parting out old machines. Also, if money isn't an object, also check out the Boulder Arcade Factory, they make reproduction Nintendo cabinets.

Parts -
Parts -
Parts -
Parts -
Art -
Art -
Repro Cabs -
Cardboard Bezel - Vertical
Accurate Repro Buttons - Mike's Arcade Repro Buttons

Paint and Laminate
Original nintendo cabs have a special laminated finish to them and aren't just painted wood. However some builders have taken the time to match paint colours. Please note: there are colour variances between the U.S. made blue particle board cabs and the Japanese made plywood cabs. As well as colours fading over time. it's suggested that if you are using one of the paints below to touch up a cabinet that you test first to find compatibility, or simply choose one close and repaint all the painted surfaces.

DK Blue - Neilyboy
DK Blue - javeryh
DK Blue - Mauzy
DK Blue - jdbailey1206
DK Blue - EvilNuff
DK Blue - mann0mann (off the shelf spray!)*
DKJr/Mario Bros. Orange - MackAttack*
DKJr/Mario Bros. Orange - descrentl*
Radarscope Red - BUCKETHEAD
*Not on the BYOAC

This Old Game Vinyl Wraps:
Red -
Orange -
Blue -

Nintendo Laminate Match Thread by vwalbridge:,150293.0.html

Restoration/Construction Links
Speaker Grill - Johnrt's "How to Route a Nintendo Speaker Grill" Tutorial
Coin box - DonkeyKong's "Nintendo Coin Box (Mini Project)"
Nintendo Joysticks - NERDtendo's Nintendo Joystick Rebuilds*
Nintendo Buttons - Tighe's DK Button Restoration*
Building A Repro Back Panel - Part of a restore thread on KLOV*
*Not on the BYOAC

Replace Nintendo Buttons

Sanyo 20EZ Monitor

Building A Better Base

Nintendo Joystick Repair & Restoration 101

Installing Side Art

5-Slot DK Teardown

Other Resources

John's Arcade:
An amazing resource, John has a number of these nintendo cabs and routinely does videos on them. He's done full reviews of the cabinets, as well as technical videos showing the Nintendo Vs systems, and event the Sanyo 20EZ monitors that were common on these old Nintendo cabs.

Arcade Art Library:
A smaller resource i've used to download vector and reference art from nintendo cabs.

Mike's Arcade - Nintendo Joysticks:
Mike has a quick rundown of all the Nintendo stick variations, as well as some general care tips.

The Arcade Flyer Archive:
Great place to look up history and old flyers from the original cabinets

The International Arcade Museum/KLOV Forums:
a full database of old arcade cabinets. As well as the KLOV forums.

Cabinet Listing
You may find other colours of each, Primarily the Red were Radarscope conversions, light blue were DK/popeye conversions, Orange were DK Jr. However there are many exceptions to the following list. Some older and more rare Red versions of the DK/Radar Scope cabinets had a "5-Slot" speaker grill, instead of the more common 7-Slot.

Radar Scope (1980) - Red -
Space Demon (1980) - Blue -
Donkey Kong (1981) - Blue or Red -
Sky Skipper (1982) - Blue -
Popeye (1982) - Blue -
Donkey Kong Junior (1982) - Orange -
Donkey Kong 3 (1983) - Conversion Kit -
Mario Bros. (1983) - Conversion Kit -
Nintendo Vs. (1984-1990) - Conversion Kit -
Donkey Kong (Namco Release) (2005) - Blue/Orange -

Other Similar Nintendo Cabs:
These cabinets have come before and after the "Classic" DK Style shape and share a ton of similarities

Space Launcher (1979) - Blue/Black -
Sheriff (1980) -"Woodgrain"-
Heli Fire (1980) - Red -
Space Firebird (1980) - Red -

Mario Bros. (Widebody) (1983) - Orange/Black -
Punch-Out!! (1984) - Black -
Nintendo Vs. (dedicated) (1985) - Grey -
Super Punch-Out!! (1985) - Black -
Playchoice (dedicated) (1986) - Black -
Playchoice 10 (1986) - Black -
R-Type (1987) - Black -
R-Type II (1989) - Black -

Fan Made:
Double Donkey Kong (1999) - Conversion -
D2K: Jumpman Returns (2008) - Dark Blue -
FixIt Felix Junior (2012) - Yellow -
Donkey Kong: Pauline Ed (2013) - Pink -
Donkey Kong: Ultimate (2015) - Purple -,142574.0.html
Donkey Kong Remix (2016) - Black - KLOV Link
Legend of Zelda (2016) - Gold -,144909.0.html

The following are a list of other notable builds and restores that will give you a great resource when making your own.

Build - Sjaak's Fix-It Felix, Jr. Replica
Build - jdbailey1206's Original Fix It Felix Build
Build - Sledgehammer's Scratch Build Donkey Kong MAME Cab
Build - PixelPaul's Donkey Kong scratch build
Build - Wyo's Legend of Zelda  (Editor's Choice)
Build - johnrt's Donkey Kong Replica
Build - wp34's TobiKomi Scratch Build
Build - artyfarty's Project Slimtendo
Build - SORHP's Super Mario Bros 3 SMB3 Build
Build - zinger's Yet Another Donkey Kong Scratch Build (Editor's Choice)
Build - bplail's Another Donkey Kong Build
Build - Wyo's Mega Man and Duck Tales Builds
Build - Smoke-Inator's Red "It's on like Donkey Kong" build
Build - UnclearHermit's Nintendo cabinet build - Wreck-It Ralph
Build - BrownFinger's DK build thread*
Build - Gaetan's mini Donkey Kong* (French - Translate)
Build - Wyo's Donkey Kong Pauline & Fix It Felix!*  (Editor's Choice)
*Not on the BYOAC

Restore - chopperthedog's Donkey Kong cab refurb
Restore - MK3FAN's Mario Bros. Restoration
Restore - ChanceKJ's Donkey Kong: Ultimate Conversion --- link:,142574.0.html
Restore - Neil's Donkey Kong Restoration
Restore - javeryh's Donkey Kong Plus
Restore - BUCKETHEAD's Donkey Kong - Mame Project
Restore - ZORK2's DK 3 to Donkey Kong conversion/restore
Restore - Cobolisdead's DJ Junior Restore
Restore - Brian12's DK Restore
Restore - Brian12's DK Jr. Restore
Restore - Peabo's DK Jr Restore
Restore - vwalbridge's Donkey Kong Restore
Restore - vwalbridge's Nintendo VS Unisystem restoration
Restore - vwalbridge's Mario Bros. Wide Body restoration
Restore - yotsuya's "Janky Kong"
Restore - EvilNuff's DK Restore
Restore - DeLuSioNal29's Nintendo Vs. UniSystem Restore
Restore - Hgloth's Vs. Castlevania Conversion*
Restore - mann0mann's Donkey Kong Refresh*
Restore - tparis's DK Jr Restore*
Restore - Berzerk's DK Restore*
Restore - hailrazer's DK Restore*
Restore - ChanceKJ's Mario Bros. Restore*
Restore - Eric98375's D2K Project*
Restore - seanengadet's Barn find Donkey Kong restore*
Restore - ElectricDreamz' DK Jr - MOLDY BARN FIND edition*
*Not on the BYOAC

Others (Also not on the BYOAC):  (Translated)

This post is periodically updated...

Nice work Chance!

You should add Buckethead's restore to the mix.  I didn't see any Red Radarscope converted DK's in your example list.  His is gorgeous!,79183.msg826802.html#msg826802l

Also, Paint codes are useful too:


Wicked!  Added them to the OP. Also lead me to some other builds and info as well.  Thanks! 

Updated with a listing of cabinets showing Game/Year/Primary colour/IAM Link.

This is awesome, sir. I'm working to assemble an "external measurement perfect" replica for the market, and the work you've done here is HUGE. Thanks so much.


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