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IPAC2 and Happ 3" trackball interface


I have a 3" Happ Trackball the kind you would find in a Golden Tee cabinet (i.e. NON-usb/ps2) and I am trying to tie it into the trackball interface on my IPAC2.

I have 6 leads coming off of my trackball which I believe are:


Basically I got 6 pins on the trackball but 8 pins on the IPAC2.  I wind up with an extra +5 and Ground that I can't figure out how to connect.  Do I just tie both grounds and +5's together?

Any help would be appreciated.

i believe that:

for the happ trackball with 6 pins you would just use one of the +5v and one of the GND on the IPAC2. ignore the extra +5v and extra GND on the IPAC2

as far as i know, suzo/wico trackballs have 8 wires (two of +5v and two of GND), so if using suzo/wico you could use all 8 pins on the IPAC2

Andy from ultimarc got back with me and you are correct.
He said to ignore the extra +5 and ground as they are connected together on the board.  I appreciate your reply jadder.

I am also trying to connect a wico trackball to an ipac2.

So, if I understand correctly, I can connect just one black wire to ground, and just one red wire to 5v?

I'm using this with Coinops. Do you know if it's ok to leave the ipac2 in keyboard mode?


For $10 you can get a happ trackball to i-pac wiring harness.  I'm not anti-soldering, making a custom harness is slick.  I didn't have any male six pin trackball connectors, and I didn't want to solder directly onto my PCB, so I just bought the adapter.


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