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--- Quote from: Louis Tully on January 08, 2015, 07:45:22 am ---Is there a "tag" or icon that can be applied to a thread here on the forum once the project is finished? I sometimes see new threads with an icon to the left and think if that field can be applied to the search function, finding finished/completed projects would be a lot easier.

--- End quote ---
The first column icons tell you if you posted in the thread, # of replies (15 or less, >15, or >25), whether it contains a poll, is locked, or is stickied.

The second column "Message icon:" is selectable by each poster, like CheffoJeffo did here with the icon.

Not sure how to make the Message icons searchable or even if it is possible to do.   :dunno

Might be easier if you find a suitable tagging mod/plugin over at the SMF forums and suggest it to Saint.

Either way, it's going to require Admin action that we lowly Mods can not do. ('cuz we'd probably break the whole site worse than Tapatalk is broken now  :lol)



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