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Generic Eric:

--- Quote from: PL1 on January 02, 2015, 01:28:24 am ---Does that mean that "Build Date(s):" works, or do you think that separate "Start date:" and "Completion date:" lines are needed?

Also, which is better: "Project Thread:" or "Build Thread:"?


--- End quote ---
Dates on a line are fine.

"Project Announcement thread" may help point the submitter to the project forum.


--- Quote from: Generic Eric on January 02, 2015, 01:38:09 am ---"Project Announcement thread" may help point the submitter to the project forum.

--- End quote ---
That's why I started using "Build Thread:" which encourages linking to the forums instead of "Homepage:" which implies a page that it is hosted at another domain.   ;D

Adding "Announcement" to "Project Thread:" seems unnecessary IMHO since:
  1. They didn't just announce it, they finished the build, and
  2. The link is probably going to take them to that sub-forum anyway.

"Project Thread:" or "Build Thread:"?


Anyone have any other suggestions before we start updating the wiki build pages?

--- Quote ---Project Type:
Construction Method:
Monitor Type:
Encoder Type:
Special Controls:
Front End:
Build Date(s):
Build Thread:  or  Project Thread:  ?

--- End quote ---


One other thing to consider.

Both Americans and Europeans frequently visit the forums.

This could cause confusion over whether 01/10/13 means January 10th or October first of 2013.

To avoid confusion and keep the date entries a standard length, I suggest that we use a date format ike this for the Build Date(s):

  01 Oct 2013

Any objections/alternatives? (October 01, 2013?)


Louis Tully:


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