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I completed my project! I posted a pic and a link to my project thread

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Finally I have my art complete! Thanks to @Redwood, major upgrade!
Please forgive my construction flaws. Most of them occurred because of the lack of patience.

I have been playing mame and Links Golf and Vpinball for almost 2 years now, and also Spotify is almost a daily use.

Galaga Tully Caberet
Completed: 04/13/19,159736.0.html

Done.  Worked on it over about 6 months.

Why did I not see this thread before?!

Here's my "bartop for the kids"... VIDEOTRON

Started: August 2018
Finished: January 2019

Project thread:,157964.0.html

Tempest Scratch-Build

Started: May 7, 2020
Finished: June 30, 2020

Project thread:,163454.0.html


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