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I completed my project! I posted a pic and a link to my project thread

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Generic Eric:
Well, not me, not yet anyway. 

Guidelines for posting in this thread.

* A single picture of a single completed project. 

* A link to your project thread.

* Finish Date; Start Date if you are inclined.

If you have anything to add, do it in your project thread. 
Consider uploading your picture here, rather than linking offsite. 

Please refrain from dissenting opinions in this thread. No "neat," "attaboy," "omigosh," or otherwise. Please.

Clint. Finished october 2014. Build thread :,140758.0.html

This could be a great resource for getting ideas.  I will post mine.

Starting with my first build, Dave's Time Machine:
Started about June 10th, 2014, Completed June 25, 2014.
Link to build thread:,139777.0.html

Second cab: Nostalgia
Started about July 11th, 2014, completed August 17, 2014
Link to build thread:,140122.0.html

Third Cab:  Wylie's Wars
Started about August 24, 2014, Completed September 15th, 2014
Build Thread:,140989.0.html


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