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New CRT Emudriver/VMMaker/Arcade OSD download, documentation and discussion site

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Wow, that's quite good news !

I'm setting up my cabinet with calamity + hyperspin on XP now !

Thanks a lot for your work calamity.

Very nice, good to have all the info centralized, registered.

I am impressed, well done.

Unfortunately I do not have a recent card with AtomBIOS fw to give it a try now.

By the way, I did not spot any EDID related section in the source code. Do you know if the modification will allow the BIOS/EFI boot to honour the EDID modeline?


About ATOM-15: a critical bug affecting older Radeon cards (the X series at least) has been found and fixed. There's a new version 1.1. Please make sure to update and DO NOT flash the X series with the old version! Users of HD models don't need to worry, it's just a problem related to older models.

Thanks to ID4 for reporting this.

Incredible news.
I installed new driver and Arcade OSD 1.4 but I get a debug console:

createsurfacewithpattern error
activatemode:ddrawinit error

I doesn't show the grid for modifying when entering a mode





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