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Re-built Windows, DWJukebox not working

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don't suppose you could elaborate more?

all this in the .ini file + a few other goodie's
what is your touch screen btw.? i will see if i can add it

# If Autoselect is true, a selection is made the moment
# the two selection buttons are pressed.
# If Autoselect is false, a Select button must be pressed
# to enter the selection.  The default is FALSE.

AutoSelect = False

# If AlphaToggle is True, keys and joystick buttons
# mapped to letters will toggle back and forth between
# letters and numbers.  This option only takes effect
# when the SelectionMethod is set to ALPHANUMERIC.  This
# is equivalent to ther 4ButtonPanel option from
# version 2.x.

AlphaToggle = False

# Mouse sets the mode of the mouse.  Mouse = Disabled
# will disable the mouse, Mouse = Enabled will enable the
# mouse with a visible pointer, and
# Mouse = Touchscreen will enable the mouse with an
# invisible pointer.  (If you prefer, you can use Visible
# and Invisible in place of Enabled and Touchscreen.)
# Note that touchscreens are currently only supported
# under DOS and Windows XP.

Mouse = Enabled

# ShowKeys puts the name of the last key, joystick button, or mouse button
# pressed in the upper left corner of the screen.  This is meant to
# help identify buttons on remote controls or keyboard encoders when
# setting up CONTROLS.INI.  The default is FALSE.


note :False:
must = :True:

note the cap


Just to make sure I'm clear, you're saying to add these two lines (everything else looks the same as what I have)?
note :False:
must = :True:

My touchscreen is an Accutouch controller with a serial interface, running ELO drivers.

well mine are 3m with same controller
let me add them to 7
is your's  7 pro ?
>>this 1 i need to know<<
if so i went through the same crap


Yes, it's Win 7 Pro.
Thanks for your help so far!


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