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Re-built Windows, DWJukebox not working

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I totally understand the frustration level.
here's where I'm at, and tell me if I'm making any mistakes so far-

The .ini file I changed the one Mouse= to = Touchscreen. The other mouse = is DX (I think, from memory) and states it's for dos only, ignored by windows.
On the ELO properties I changed to one touch versus double tap.
Windows 7 mouse properties don't have the one click/doubleclick any more. everything I could find in the Googles said the only change you can make is in the Windows Explorer properties, setting single click there, which I did.
A quick test last night and it still wasn't working.

no u are on the right path
i just became realy tired last night and could not finish


I hear ya. I was trying the things you were suggesting last night, but didn't have the energy to run to my office to update the thread with the results.

Hey Ed, just checking to see if you made any more progress on helping me to get this working?

i took sick
so i did not do anything until it broke
which it has ?
so i will get back to it..



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