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Re-built Windows, DWJukebox not working

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i am on he road today but i can take the time to try and explain some of it to u..
when it was written dos/xp 7 was then 7 lite,lite never carried touch driver's at the time
of the proggie beening written,this did not come out until :home:,i year after lite
was in short we need to some back patching as pro is there last 7 before r1
so thats the basic of it..will go into more detail ltr


Hey Ed, just checking in to see if you're able to update more on ideas/suggestions for me to get this working.

yes i was thinking about u for the last few day's
honest there as it get's
i did forget to bring home the lappie tonight from the warehouse
with it's external touchscreen setup,i will do so tomrow when i go in
and post to u what is required...
i truly apoliage for the over-site,but have had a boat load of crap to deal with...
i will have for u in the afternoon


No problems at all. The sheer fact that this IS possible let's me be patient. I've looked at every other jukebox app I can find, free and pay, and nothing will look near as nice in my system as the skins I have for WinCab.

ya it fully rock's
i think it beat's my v-rock >skin wise<
and the opennes's of the code dose not hurt either.:)
if the author had done some more leg work in the code set
this whole thing would be moot..but as i explained when compiled in 7
it was done in lite..where we run pro7,there is a boat load of dif there...
the thing i like is u do not have to de-compile it to work it out..that to me
is a trubite to the author,and his know



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