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Re-built Windows, DWJukebox not working

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Ok, I had things working perfectly with 2 separate copies of DWJukebox under Winxp. This week I stuck on a new HD, loaded Win7, and copied over my copies of DWJukebox as well as all of the music everything. Everything is on the same location in reference to C:/ as it was on the old drive.
If I RDP into the pc, DWJukebox launches just fine, so I know the setups work.
If I try launching DWJuke at the pc itself, I get the top Windows menu bar (which includes the minimize/max/exit), but basically it's like the app is totally transparent or some visual issue is happening, as I see the background. I hear everything loading on the pc, and I can press escape on the keyboard to exit.  Running the SetupWin provides the same visual artifacts.

Now I *did* disable a handful of unnecessary services, and reviewing those, I don't see anything to cause a problem. Frankly I can't remember what other visual settings changes I may have made to the initial Win load to cause this (that was about a week ago, and just got to the point of launching DW last night). Any ideas? all of my other apps seem to be working fine. I've re-enabled everything I can think of without luck. I've also tried setting the .ini file to various DX settings with no luck.

It runs fine for me in Windows 7, so you must have disabled something.  :cheers:

I feel like a total idiot. Suddenly struck me that I completely forgot to load any video drivers. Device Manager was showing the default VGA driver.
Loaded drivers (under XP mode...damn old vid card), rebooted, and voila. After 20+ years of working in IT, you'd think I would have looked there first.......

Am I reading current information correctly, that DWJuke doesn't support a touch screen on Win7?
Please say that's not true...I love this interface and the skins available, but needed to get XP off of the pc...has anyone gotten touch screens to work on Win7?

it dose
u just got to a load of .cfg and driver loads



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