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Ramp & Roll, skeeball arcade game - get your free copy today!

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Thanks! It's been a while since anything happened with this. I had a major computer crash and lost all of the game data, save for a backup that was about 2/3rds the way into programming it. I may revisit it at some point, as well as the other games I have half finished. I have come to the conclusion that working alone is frustrating; working with a team is what drove me to working alone. The code for this game is pretty sloppy, and I have been doing more computer courses through the years - I could likely do a better job now, but I have little energy these days (had reactions to some cancer treatments that have left me exhausted through all my waking hours.)

It's a fun game! I prefer it to world class bowling but it isn't as good as shuffleshot or golden tee. I have so many ideas! If only I could stay awake!


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