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Ramp & Roll, skeeball arcade game - get your free copy today!

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--- Quote from: PL1 on August 23, 2014, 04:09:39 am ---Works well with the mouse on the pin controller, but the shooter rebounds so fast that it messes up.   :lol
Got caught in the net several times -- rolled out of the right side, but not from the left.
Also wondering why no gutterball action if you clear the ramp, but are outside the outermost scoring ring?

--- End quote ---

I will add a gutter. I was going off of memory and a cutaway drawing of a ramp when I drew it up, there's no real skeeball that I'm aware of on the island where I live  :'( Looking at photos I see what you mean. Won't be an issue to add.

The net collision is something I need to investigate. I believe the mesh is too thin for detection, so I will try adding some larger, invisible colliders.

I also will hide the mouse pointer, and straighten the score-holes... they are a little off-centre :P

Sounds great.

Managed to screencap an off-the-screen flyball.   :o

They are surprisingly easy to do with the pin controller.   :lol

You may want to add a "ceiling", side walls, back wall, a wall behind the player's POV, floor, and a "floor drain" for wild shots like that one.

Also consider adding pegs like this to deflect the ball from being stuck. (hat tip: UncleT)

If you adjust your ramp profile to match UncleT's template photos, check out this post and the ones following it for useful angle details.


Awesome, I have a list to work with now. I'll put some triggers in case the ball leaves the play area. I will probably have something up in the next day with some of the easier changes. If only I wasn't at work right now...

Are the view buttons something I should take out? Should I just automate the switching of cameras?

Also for the ramp angle, it so happens that this is the photo I used as a reference which is on the uncle t site. New revision probably up later this afternoon...

You may want to base your ramp curves/angles off UncleT's template here instead of that line drawing.

He posted pics here showing that template resting on the actual ramp.   ;D

The rolling surface of the lane before the ramp is a 4 degree incline relative to the floor.

The L-square is parallel to the rolling surface of the lane.

The pencil line (2 degrees clockwise compared to the L-Square) represents the angle of the yellow side rail, a 6 degree incline relative to the floor.


This is perfect timing as I was just playing some Golden Tee and World Class Bowling with my friend.  I am very excited about this project as I think it would fit in nicely with those games and Shuffleshot. 

I played with my trackball and it was also difficult for me to get speed but otherwise its working well.  My only suggestion right now is to stop the ball from rolling on it's own before you toss it.  It has a tendency to slowly roll even if the mouse is still.


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