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Ms Pac-Man Reproduction Back Doors $65 plus shipping

made from 4 ply 1/2 inch plywood
aluminum grills

see this page on site for measurements


--- Quote from: vidkiller13 on August 05, 2014, 04:10:17 pm ---The Arcade Boneyard (New & Used Arcade Parts & Manuals)

Will just keep this simple
we sell new and used arcade parts & manuals

Also have an arcade, jukebox & pinball manuals library site set up

And A free online games site

Also Have 100s of Original Arcade Manuals For Sale

links for list of what is available

Arcade Manuals

Jukebox Manuals

Monitor Manuals

Neo Geo Cartridge Manuals

Pinball Manuals

Coin Doors & Parts

Coin doors

coin mechs

coin boxes

coin door parts

Empty Arcade Cabinets (Good For Conversions or Mame Projects)

--- End quote ---

 havent posted here in a while

we now have many used cam locks for sale for $2.99 on this page

also ne tubular key cam locks at the bottom of this page

Repro Ms Pac-Man & Pac-Man back doors available  $75 each plus ship


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