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Suggestion for a wiki page - colour matching


I had the idea for a wiki page where you could go and see products that matched in colour. Perhaps the wiki isn't the right place, but it was the best place I could think of.

The reason for it is the recent conundrum I had. I went to order some light blue buttons, t-molding and ball tops. Here is what I ended up with:
Cool Blue T-Molding
Jouster Blue ball top
Competition Blue pushbuttons

Will they match in colour? Are they even close? The sluggish pace of USPS has me on the edge of my seat!

Le Chuck:
You want matching? Buy white and Rit dye it all. Seriously. Nothing ever matches bro.

Seems impossible to color match via pictures taken by different cameras in different lighting -- the data needs to come from people who can compare the products side-by-side.

Maybe a color-coded table like this example for each major color (red, dark blue, light blue, yellow, green, orange?, purple?) with a list of products on the two axes.

A black background indicates that the row and column are the same item, grey means that the data is not yet available, green means a color match between the row product and the column product, yellow means a close match, and red means that they are not close to matching.

If you like, we can also add footnotes/links to photos in the table, too.

The new wiki page linked above is currently an orphan page, but if we go forward with building it, the Finishing and Artwork portal page may be a good page to direct readers to the color matching page.


Looks like we will be moving forward with this page -- we'll need data to populate it.

If anyone can do a side-by-side comparison of two or more products (buttons, balltops, battops, t-molding), please tell us your first-hand observations.

Let us know what specific products you find that:
 * Do color-match
 * Almost color-match
 * Don't color-match
 * Don't color-match, but are complimentary colors (Not certain about this designation, LMK if it's a bad idea.  :dunno)
 * Match (or don't match) texture/finish


--- Quote ---The yellow IL Compact battop stick color-matches the yellow Goldleaf pushbutton, but has a different (matte) texture.

The yellow Arcade Prime pushbutton almost color-matches the yellow IL Compact battop, but is slightly darker and has a different (smooth) texture.
--- End quote ---



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