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TUTORIAL: How to resize Video Screen


So i've been in a MA kick lately, and one of the things that annoyed me was that no matter what i did on the Theme editor the video screen size could not be modified, not anymore   >:D
It will take a bit of trial and error since you will be adjusting the video size blindly until you open MA and see the results, so:

1) Open the skin ZIP file that you are using
2) Open the SKIN.INI file on notepad
3) Locate the size configurations group, it starts with "[Dimensions_you're resolution"
4) Go to the end of the group and find the following line "screen=[#default: [1024, 760], #wide: [1024, 760], #tall: [1024, 760]]"
5) Modify screen size as you wish
6) Save updated ini file inside ZIP file

- the "#default" resolution is the screen size IF you do not have a video or snap for that game, and the default image of no snap available will show
- the "#wide" and "#tall" are the screen size for Horizontal or Vertical resolutions
- I recommend that both the Default and Wide/Tall screens be the same size, otherwise when changing  between games that have and don't have snaps, the change in screen dimensions will be evident


Thanks I could use this


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